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The owners of the Barnstormers

LANCASTER, Pa. Rent at Clipper Magazine Stadium is $1.1 million a year. The owners of the Barnstormers, who took over in 2014, have asked the county to help them pay the rent in order to stay in the facility. I wouldn’t rule anything out, Terry, but you’re right that no major expansion of Sanford Stadium is planned. And, considering the difficulty college football programs are having keeping fans buying tickets rather than staying at home to watch the games on a big screen TV,cheap jerseys I think it’s unlikely you’re going to see a school trying the pricey PSL gambit (which is common in the NFL) unless, like A they’ve taken on a major load of debt like the $485 million renovation of Kyle Field. I recall that quite a few years ago there was a rumor circulating in Athens that UGA was going to expand the “club” level to include the upper rows of the lower level of the stadium, where my tickets are, and require a bigger donation to keep those seats.

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